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Now I can go on holiday again! The only place I will leave my animals and know they are cared and loved for.
Geez, last time Sonia looked after my cats they didn’t want to come home! – Colleen Roos Harris

Best 'honeymoon' accommo-dation when my Farrah spent time with Mintai! – Colleen Armand

Owners Sonia & Frikkie van Kraayenburg has 40 years experience caring for animals

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Grehenheim, Breeders of German Shepherds

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The home of Pet Apartments is within the picturesque Grehenheim Estates on the slopes of the Magaliesberg between Pretoria and Hartebeespoort.


Leo and HarryWe cater for all animals! Well, almost ....

All Dogs (even the difficult ones), Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea pigs or any animal not dependant on live food!

Special frail care for the oldies and the infirm is also available.

Our kennels are not concrete prisons hidden behind high walls, but large open air enclosures situated under shady trees amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. They simulate the outdoor gardens of their home environments and cater specifically for the mental and physical health of our charges.

Sizes vary from 9 to 36 square metres depending on the size and number of dogs sharing and the luxury option required. As far as possible we try to keep all the animals from one family together.

Kitties live mostly indoors in areas simulating the home environment. We are currently building a new luxury cattery where they will also have access to their very own gardens whenever they choose. This new cattery is scheduled for completion for the December holiday season.

Full details of the types of accommodation offered are set out on our Accommodation Types page.


Admission & Collection

In Season

Monday to Friday - 11h00 to 16h00

Saturdays - 09h00 to 11h00

Out of Season

By appointment during office hours

We are closed on Sundays
and Public Holidays

High Season periods

All school holidays

Collections & Admissions outside published hours

We have good reasons for being strict about our Admission and Collection hours. However, we understand that sometimes our clients don't have a choice. If you wish to admit or collect your pet outside our business hours, i.e. the hours we have set aside to deal with our clients and when we are not actually busy attending to our charges, we will oblige (by prior appointment only) at a surcharge of R500.00.


Safety First ....

Dog at vetFor the protection of your pets, all animals undergo a mandatory treatment with a suitable anti tick and flea product when they arrive and are treated to a luxury bath, brush and pamper before they leave (kitties and birds are excused from the “bath” bit!).

We are, of course, fussy that all animals are correctly vaccinated at least 14 days before visiting us. Should you be unsure as to what constitutes "correctly vaccinated", click here.


Please contact us well in advance of your pet's intended visit and
we will be happy to advise you.

Please check out our FAQ's for answers for additional questions you may have.