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Now I can go on holiday again! The only place I will leave my animals and know they are cared and loved for.
Geez, last time Sonia looked after my cats they didn’t want to come home! – Colleen Roos Harris

Best 'honeymoon' accommo-dation when my Farrah spent time with Mintai! - Colleen Armand

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We are as concerned about spamming and the over-use of Email marketing as you are.

Accordingly, we will not send any of our Loyalty Members more than a maximum of three (3) marketing Emails per month.

See also our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of our Loyalty Program.

Sign up for our loyalty program and qualify for your free gift!

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Our Loyalty Program

Free Gift

GiftUpon sign-up for our Loyalty Program, each new first time Loyalty Member will qualify for any one of the following free gifts in respect of one pet only, to choose and claim when the pet is checked into Pet Apartments for its first stay of at least five days:

  • Free half-hour consultation;*
  • Free "Treat" pack consisting of 5 different treats for your pet during its stay;
  • One Gourmet meal for you pet during its stay;
  • Five days "Greenies" for you cat (three per day);
  • Free bath and grooming session (excluding clipping) for one dog or
  • Free Tick & Flea treatment for one pet upon admission.

* May be claimed immediately upon sign-up to the Loyalty Program

Sign up for our loyalty program and qualify for your free gift!

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Other benefits of our Loyalty Program

  • Subscription is free;
  • All Loyalty Members are entitled to a 10% discount on the list price of all our services provided sign-up for our Loyalty Program occurred at least 30 days prior to claiming the discount;
  • Loyalty Members are automatic subscribers to Pet Apartments and Grehenheim German Shepherds' Mailing Lists and receive any News Letters, Special Announcements and other other useful information we may publish by Email;
  • Loyalty Program members from out of town still have access to benefits such as discounts on our Consultancy and Whelping Service. Our Day Boarding and Holiday Accommodation options are also tailor made for out-of-towners who want their pets near them while they are holidaying in our vicinity. The same applies to those who require accommodation for pets entered into local shows, with the further advantage that we have the facilities to assist in grooming their animals for the big day.
  • Preferential Bookings
  • Ever got stuck in December when all the kennels are full and you have no booking?

    We now reserve 60% of our accommodation for our Loyalty members for bookings submitted until 15 November.

    If you still haven’t booked by 15 November and have to go on a waiting list, as a Loyalty Member you will jump to near the head of the queue on a separate waiting list immediately behind other Loyalty Members.  

  • German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa (GSDF) members get an additional 5% discount;
  • German Shepherd Dogs registered with the GSDF qualify for an additional 5% discount;
  • Members of the GSDF Momenta Club or Grehenheim puppy owners qualify for an additional 5% discount on their total bill.

Example: A GSDF Momenta member, who is also a member of the GSDF, will receive a total discount of 20% after the 5% discount for his GSDF registered German Shepherds have been deducted, effectively resulting in a 25% discount for his GSDF registered German Shepherds and 20% for his other pets!

Terms & Conditions of Our Loyalty Program

Click here to download in pdf format

  1. Gifts are valid for when your pet is checked into Pets Apartments for its first stay of at least five days. On admission, you will be asked which of the available gifts you wish to claim.
  2. Gifts are applicable to one pet only and may only be claimed once.
  3. Gifts are not transferable to third parties.
  4. If sign-up to our Loyalty Program occurred less than 30 days prior to admission, the Free Gift and other benefits will, subject to the discretion of Pet Apartments, only be applicable to subsequent stays after the 30 day period has expired and subject to clients maintaining the subscription to our Loyalty Program for at least an additional six months after the visit for which the benefit was claimed. A client that resigns from the Loyalty Program within this six-month period will be liable to Pet Apartments for the costs of benefits received.
  5. A subscription to our Loyalty Program includes subscribing to Pet Apartments and Grehenheim German Shepherds' Mailing Lists.
  6. All membership categories qualifying for discounts must be up to date for the entire stay of the pets concerned.
  7. Subscribers to our Loyalty Program and/or Mailing Lists may opt out at any time by opting out or unsubscribing from the Pet Apartments Mailing List.
  8. Pet Apartments will not send any existing subscriber to the Loyalty Program more than a maximum of three Emails distributed via Mailing List per month. Expressly excluded are non-marketing related one-on-one Emails between Pet Apartments and its clients.
  9. Pet Apartments and its management reserve the right to change the conditions and benefits of the Loyalty Program at any time and Loyalty Members will only be entitled to the benefits in force at the time the benefit is claimed.
  10. Payments to third parties such as veterinarians and Pet's Travel agencies on behalf of clients are specifically excluded from any discount offers of whatever nature.