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Terms & Conditions

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The contents of this document contain the Terms and Conditions whereupon animals are accepted for boarding with Pet Apartments Kennels & Cattery. This document is available on our website and on request to all prospective clients. By delivering an animal into the care of Pet Apartments it is deemed that the owners of the pets concerned have read these Terms and Conditions and has agreed thereto, this being a prerequisite whereby Pet Apartments agreed to board said animals.


Please note that Vaccination certificates are required at admission.


  • It is compulsory that dogs be immunised against:
    • Parvo virus
    • Distemper
    • Hepatitis and
    • Rabies
    • It is recommended that all dogs be immunised against Kennel cough
  • Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis vaccinations are only valid if the dog has been vaccinated within the period 12 months to 14 days prior to admission.
  • Kennel Cough vaccination is only valid it the dog has been vaccinated in the period 6 months to 14 days prior to admission.
  • Rabies vaccinations are only valid if the dog has been vaccinated within the period 12 months to 14 days prior to admission with respect to a first vaccination. With respect to dogs that have been vaccinated with a follow-up rabies vaccination within a 12 month period following the first vaccination, the valid period is extended to three years before admission.
  • Dogs over the age of three that have previously been correctly and regularly vaccinated may be admitted at the discretion of the Pet Apartments management even though their vaccinations may fall outside of the limits described above. This is because, as per immunology criteria, the dog is in all probability sufficiently immune to withstand the normal diseases.
  • Dogs over the age of 7 that have been previously been correctly and regularly vaccinated are exempt from further vaccinations.


  • It is compulsory that cats be immunised against
    • Feline Enteritis
    • Pneumonitis
    • Sniffles
    • Rabies
  • All vaccinations have to be carried out at least six 14 days prior to admission. The Feline Enteritis vaccination must not be older than 12 months and Pneumonitis and Sniffles not older than 6 months.

Veterinary Treatment

  • Veterinary treatment, if required, will be by a veterinarian of our choice and the owner will be liable for the veterinary fees and disbursements.
  • If necessary the owner’s Veterinarian may be contacted for case history information. This is the reason details of the owner’s vet are required upon admission.
  • A surcharge of R250.00 is applicable each time a pet has to be taken to the Vet.

Business Hours

  • Caring for pets may be a 24/7 occupation, but our staff still need time off. Please understand that for us to care for your pets properly, we need time with them. Kindly respect our business hours.
  • In an emergency we are prepared to admit or discharge your pet outside of our business hours. This is by prior appointment only and carries a surcharge.

Payments & Fees

  • Bookings are only guaranteed once the deposit is paid. Pet Apartments reserves the right to cancel bookings if the deposit is not paid within 48 hours of the booking being confirmed.
  • A minimum deposit of R 500.00 or 20%, which ever is the greater, is payable in advance and will be deducted from the final account.
  • Long term boarding (more than one month): A deposit equivalent to one one's boarding is payable and boarding fees are payable in advance.
  • Pet Apartments reserves the right to adjust quoted fees upon admission if it should transpire that an animal is larger or falls in a different category than that originally quoted for.
  • Accounts must be paid in full before animals will be released from the kennels.
  • We do not accept credit cards. Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) can be done on our computers at our offices.
  • Should your pet not be able to share for any reason whatsoever, individual accommodation is charged at a premium. The kennel staff reserves the right to decide when circumstances warrant your pet to be isolated.
  • The management has, at their discretion, the right to dispose of animals unclaimed 10 days after the due date. The owner of the animals will remain liable for all costs incurred.
  • Surcharges may be applied for any special care required such as Special Frail Care, administering of medication or feeding of special diets.
  • Pet Apartments reserve the right to amend their fees, including the fees set out in this document, at any time and at their sole discretion.

Parasite Control

  • It is compulsory for dogs to treated with an appropriate tick and flea remedy upon admission and bathed before departure. This is charged separately and is not included in the boarding fees.
  • It is compulsory for cats to be powdered with our approved tick and flea powder or other suitable product upon admission. This is charged separately and is not included in the boarding fees.


While every care is taken to the contrary, the management, staff and / or Pet Apartments will not be held responsible for loss of, damage to, injury, sickness or death of pets whatsoever, however so arising.

10 April 2014