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Now I can go on holiday again! The only place I will leave my animals and know they are cared and loved for.
Geez, last time Sonia looked after my cats they didn’t want to come home! – Colleen Roos Harris

Best 'honeymoon' accommo-dation when my Farrah spent time with Mintai! – Colleen Armand

Owners Sonia & Frikkie van Kraayenburg has 40 years experience caring for animals

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Accommodation Types

Sharing (two or more animals)

Sharing is comfortMost animals enjoy having some company. With the sharing option, we ensure that only compatible animals are together. At Pet Apartments your pet will never be dominated or intimidated by another.

  • The size of the accommodation will depend on the number of animals sharing - your animal will never be crowded.
  • Dogs are usually paired male to female. Cats only share if they are neutered. Our luxury communal catty works very well for the budget minded.
  • Pets from the same family are kept together as far as is possible.

Single Accommodation (Surcharge applicable)

Mr Wrinkles does not like to shareThere are instances where animals cannot or will not share. If this is required, a surcharge is applicable. Should animals in shared accommodation develop tendencies to require single accommodation, the owner will be liable for the applicable surcharge.

  • Bitches in season
  • Dogs and cats that are aggressive and will not share (eg. Pit Bulls, Boerboels etc)
  • Animals that may be a danger to each other
  • Animals whose owners have specifically arranged for private accommodation.


Bella, Mojo and OscarWe know how expensive it can be if you have a number of animals to board. Accordingly, we have introduced our Family Accommodation type in order to give you special rates.

  • Three or more dogs or cats from the same family.
  • Extra large luxury kennels or catteries to accommodate the whole family.
  • Extra large garden kennels are available to dogs that are not escape artists. We regret that cats and dogs cannot be housed together.

In need of frail care!Frail Care  (Surcharge applicable)

  • Request this separately in the comments box at the end of the Booking Form
  • Special facilities for the old and the sickly
  • The facilities are specially positioned to enable intensive observation
  • Added luxuries to make life easier

Boy and pet bunnyAnimals other that dogs and cats

Animals are kept in their own cages supplied by the owner. The cages will be kept in a secure room where they are safe.