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Now I can go on holiday again! The only place I will leave my animals and know they are cared and loved for.
Geez, last time Sonia looked after my cats they didn’t want to come home! – Colleen Roos Harris

Best 'honeymoon' accommo-dation when my Farrah spent time with Mintai! – Colleen Armand

Owners Sonia & Frikkie van Kraayenburg has 40 years experience caring for animals

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Grehenheim, Breeders of German Shepherds

Pets Travel Service

Our Pet Transport Service

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Consultancy Whelping Service Day Boarding
Pet Transport Holiday Accommodation Collection and Delivery

Should you require any of these services, please contact us for a quotation


We offer an advisory and consultation service on the following:

  • How to solve problems with your dogs;
  • All matters related to dog breeding and the genetics thereof;
  • The training and use of dogs in security, both home and commercial, so that the dogs are safe around innocent people;
  • The keeping and kennelling of dogs, including feeding and
  • Training of dogs utilising natural behaviour, instinct and positive reinforcement (motivational as opposed to compulsive training).

Our formal qualifications and huge experience in Animal Behaviour, Breeding and training as well as just being around animals for many years as well as Frikkie's academic training and vast experience in training and utilising dogs for security at banks and other purposes is available to you. (See About Us for more details)

FacebookIf you ask a question on our Facebook page that has a relatively short answer, we will answer it there so others can also learn. Click on the Facebook icon and post your question.

However, if it is a problem that requires a more in-depth analysis and time to solve, a face-to-face consultation is the way to go. This service is available by appointment only.

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Pet Transport

Pet's travelOur in-house Pet Transport Service is available for our guests only.

It is tailor-made for those being relocated. We will fetch your pets from your front door and house them at Pet Apartments until you are ready to receive them, anywhere in the world.

If the destination is outside South Africa, our service includes obtaining the necessary health certificates as well as all the rigmarole associated with sending live animals out the country. If necessary, we will arrange a suitable agent to collect them on the other side and deliver them to you.

All you need to do is deliver your pets at Pet Apartments, or have us collect them from your home if you are unable to do so. In the unfortunate circumstance where there are quarantine regulations in force, we will time things so that you can receive your pets when you are ready.

Similarly, if you are immigrating to South Africa, a foreign citizen coming to South Africa for an extended work stay or a South African relocating to Pretoria, this service is for you. We will collect your animals at the airport, clear them through customs and veterinary immigration and transport them to Pet Apartments where they can stay and be pampered until you are ready to receive them at your new premises.

The cherry on top is that you may visit them at any time during business hours and even take them out for day trips.

Whelping Service

Sonia has whelped in excess of 400 litters. This makes her one of the most experienced people around when it comes to delivering puppies. Saving just one puppy that may have died if you had tried to do things yourself may cover the costs of the entire service!

Whelping RoomIn general the service includes housing the bitch in our luxurious whelping quarters from at least two weeks prior to the birth up to one week after the birth. This is the minimum period to prevent stress on the bitch to the extent where the puppies will be harmed.

After this, if you do not want us to rear the litter entirely, you take mother and puppies home and rear the litter yourself. Ask about our equipment rentals.

We have no problem if you or your children wish to be present at the whelping. Just be warned that this might be some ungodly hour of the night!

Whelping KennelOur book “Breeding German Shepherd Dogs” contains a wealth of information on all aspects of birthing and rearing puppies applicable to all breeds. Even if you own another breed, obtaining a copy will show you everything the process entails and how to successfully rear the litter with a minimum of fuss.



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Holiday Accommodation

Are you planning a holiday near the Hartebeespoort/Sun City area and want your pets close to you? Kennel

If your accommodation does not allow pets, book them in with Pet Apartments and visit them any time during office hours. You may even take them out for the day and deliver them back to us late afternoon.

If you are lucky enough to have obtained pet friendly accommodation but need to visit a facility that does not allow pets, such as the nearby Pilansberg game reserve, book them into Pet Apartments for the day.

If you are departing early in the morning and/or arriving back late at night, bring them in the afternoon before and fetch them the next morning during our collection hours.

No booking yet? Consider our partners.

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Day Boarding

Are you renovating or doing something to your property that exposes your pets while you are
away at work?

Board them with Pet Apartments for the day.

Thanks to a problem dog!

Collection and Delivery

We offer a collection and delivery service of your pets from your door to Pet Apartments and back. Obviously there is a charge related to this that depends on distance and time.